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HSE University Master’s Programme 'Business and Politics in Modern Asia'
HSE University

Master’s Programme 'Business and Politics in Modern Asia'

Saint Petersburg, Russia

2 Years


Full time

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RUB 300,000 / per year *


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Program Overview

Globalization has created a need for highly skilled professionals capable of working in a global environment. This Master’s program explores state-society relations and economic development in modern Asia, predominantly South Asia and the Middle East, through comparative and international political economy, economic development theory, and comparative anthropological sociology. Its approach is grounded in the context of the retrospective genesis methodology of Asian Studies.

The program provides students with a range of skills required to understand the processes that are taking place in contemporary Asia. The program is distinguished by its inter-disciplinary approach, which enables students to supplement area studies with courses on international trade, investment, and business, thus providing them with the necessary tools to analyze economic, political, and cultural issues relevant to Asian countries. A number of courses will focus specifically on relations between the Russian Federation and countries in the region. The program's academic content is complemented by research projects and opportunities for language training.

For students without prior academic or professional exposure to Oriental Studies, the program will provide extensive training in the field. Students who come with a background in Oriental Studies will be able to advance their knowledge further and become specialists in the economic and socio-political development of Asian countries.


What are the benefits of the program?

  1. An interdisciplinary approach that combines methods from Oriental Studies and Economics, thereby providing students extensive knowledge of economic, political, and cultural issues affecting Asia.
  2. A variety of opportunities for students to engage in research work under the supervision of experienced mentors.
  3. Language training opportunities.
  4. The ability to develop an individual study plan.
  5. A combination of theoretical courses and field experience.


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