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Fundação Técnico-Educacional Souza Marques (FTESM)

Fundação Técnico-Educacional Souza Marques (FTESM)

Fundação Técnico-Educacional Souza Marques (FTESM)



The Technical Educational Foundation Souza Marques was founded in 1966 as a result of the dream and of Professor José de Souza Marques work.

Since then, through a planned growth, FTESM multiplied its activities in the field of higher education, ongoing process of modernization of their curricula and teaching systems.

During this period the FTESM has formed with quality and dedication several generations of Brazilian and placed on graduates labor market and postgraduates of the highest competence in the areas of Medicine, Engineering, Nursing, Management, Accounting, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, letters, Teaching and Teacher Education.

By merit of this permanent improvement work, FTESM provides its students, and an academic background for success in their professional activities a social preparation towards the full development of their responsibilities as citizens.


The biggest challenge that chooses the mission of Colleges SOUZA MARQUES is the constant improvement of the teaching-learning process as a means of human and intellectual formation, allowing our students to be able to face the intellectual work by growing the size of thought, criticism, justice, solidarity and ethics.

Dream about tomorrow opens paths, extends limits and exceeds the existing, allowing the production of the new, which should be created through the management of knowledge developed in higher education institutions.


"To promote, through education, human act par excellence, our students grow in knowledge, attitudes, habits, beliefs and abilities."


  • Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil