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ESLSCA Business School

ESLSCA Business School

ESLSCA Business School


Established in 1949, the ESLSCA Business School has trained more than 15,000 former students who are now in positions of responsibility both in France and abroad. They have benefited the ESLSCA from many advantages:

  • A general-level master's degree course (admission after HEC preparatory classes or diplomas after a BAC + 2 or a BAC + 3), based on a rigorous and innovative curriculum, the aim of which is to form genuine " Managers ".

Lessons leading to genuine qualifications and professional highly sought after by companies, most "Finance" from ESLSCA Business School in particular enjoying a strong reputation (ESLSCA has the largest number of alumni accountants And many elders in the financial, banking and stock markets. International: The dual MBA degree program created in 1979 is the oldest among the ESC. The schooling includes a compulsory stay abroad (internship or semester of study) and several courses in English. More than 50 nationalities are currently represented among the ESLSCA Business School students who are members of AACSB, EFMD, CREPUQ and EDUNIVERSAL. Synergies with ESLSCA Group programs: English Bachelor and MBA programs, and 19 third cycle programs, including several leading positions in their niche (International Trading and Trading, Financial Engineering, Luxury and Fashion Industries Management, Intelligence Economic). The recognition of companies , which support the ESLSCA Business School pedagogical project, delegates teachers, provides numerous internships and offers the best possible reception to graduates (the results of the survey on the salaries of young graduates of EXPANSION magazine ( April 2010) are again favorable to the ESLSCA Business School, which ranks 28th out of the 40 classified schools. Important research activities: ESLSCA Business School actively participates in the research effort undertaken at European level to enhance management education. Teachers, PhD students, PhDs, management professors who are qualified to conduct research (HDR) contribute to the publication of research papers, participate in colloquiums, publish articles and books in their respective disciplines, notably in Economic Intelligence and Finance.

The results of the IPSOS survey,ESLSCA Business School Demonstrate the relevance of its pedagogical project to the expectations of companies: the importance of internships and alternation, the level of professionalization of the curriculum, proficiency in English (bilingualism) and computer software.

Specialized MBA

These courses are intended for graduates of higher education and management. The objective is to equip the participants with a solid knowledge and management skills, reinforced by a training course.

International Programs

Since 1982, ESLSCA Business School Welcomes foreign students for two or three years of study leading to the ESLSCA-MBA degree. Several students,ESLSCA Business School In their third year in the USA, at the end of which they jointly obtain the MBA diploma and the diploma ESLSCA Business School. Since 1996,ESLSCA Business School A one-year MBA program for international students (courses in English).


The two bachelors of the ESLSCA Business School, the BBA: Bachelor in Business Administration (established in 1998) and the Bachelor in Finance program are both accessible upon obtaining the baccalauréat.

Large school

This course is intended for candidates wishing to assimilate all techniques of management and management, to develop their personal qualities in a professional dimension, to create genuine professional expertise with an international dimension.

Executive Training

The executive formations,ESLSCA Business School Are intended for managers of all functions (marketing and commercial, finance or legal, R & D, etc.) or horizons (industry or service, advice, administration) wishing to better understand their activities and develop their individual performance as well as that of their teams .

Level I graduate training, 3rd Professional Cycle in part-time for executives.


The School of Economic Warfare has been operating since 1997 and is a pioneer in Europe. The EGE participates in the IHEDN (Institute of Higher National Defense Studies) meetings and organized the symposium on Economic Intelligence at UNESCO in 1998. TheESLSCA Business School Has entered into agreements with the Universities of Strasbourg, Montpellier, Poitiers and Laval (Québec) concerning Economic Intelligence. The EMG disseminates several research papers on Economic Intelligence.


Adhering to our program means meeting the future demands of international issues. It is the assurance of mastering the different situations to which you will have to answer. It is the quest for excellence.

Access is open to candidates with a bachelor's degree, an equivalent diploma or who wish to enter a third cycle.



About ESLSCA Business School: With its 68 years of experience, a strong reputation for Corporate Finance, Market and Audit, ESLSCA Business School adds many assets such as involvement (Including the establishment of associated centers abroad), pedagogical innovation, the quality of the research of its faculty, the international network of alumni ...

A new card was added at the beginning of 2003 with the creation of the Economic Intelligence Department in the Grande Ecole program, the result of the know-how developed by the ESLSCA Business School since 1997 with its recognized third cycle "Ecole de Guerre Economique" As leader at the French level and noticed by MP CARAYON in his report to the Prime Minister on EI (June 2003).

A general training very in demand

An ESLSCA / IPSOS survey confirmed this. Companies want more professional and operational young people. The student must have completed several courses, master the computer and be at least bilingual. The training therefore adapted to this demand. 30% of the courses are in English. Students must also take a compulsory semester abroad, in university or in business.

TheESLSCA Business School Has several partner universities around the world, with which it also has pedagogical exchanges, hence the arrival at school of English-speaking teachers. Finally, thanks to a very strong network of 12,000 former pupils in 110 countries and to the very good relations with the partner companies, it is quite easy to find an internship in France or abroad among the 3000 offers that the " School receives per year.

Upon arrival at the school, the student follows an introductory seminar to organizations (IAO) in parallel with the seminar of introduction to the computer science of management. During the IAO,ESLSCA Business School, Representing all sectors of economic activity, share their professional functions and their experiences. Finally, each student follows internships. From 2 months to the 1st year, from 3 months to the end of the 2nd year, and often part-time during the 3rd year, before a final internship, from April to December, a thesis. While these internships often result in employment,ESLSCA Business School Also organizes a forum of Student-Business meetings every year. To conclude,ESLSCA Business School Offers postgraduate programs: Trading, Financial Engineering, Marketing, E.Business, Luxury Management, Economic Intelligence and an MBA. Graduate students also benefit from these courses and postgraduate research.

A diversified curriculum

The so-called "Common Trunk" program is distributed over the three years of study. Parallel to this program and in the final year, are added courses by options. The first two years of study thus form a first cycle of generalist studies. The third year constitutes a second cycle of studies, corresponding to the period of specialization among the 6 major ones below:

  1. Major Marketing, International Management
  2. Major Expertise Control
  3. Major Market Finance
  4. Major Corporate Finance
  5. Major Economic Intelligence
  6. Major Organization, Management, Consulting

Entrepreneurship is also part of education
By teams and from the first year onwards, students must present a project to create a business or take over an existing association within the school. The ESLSCA Business School BDE is indeed very active. Under the authority of a tutor, students must prepare a business plan, specify objectives and carry out this project in the 2nd year. This permanent coaching of students is possible by the structure of the school that we maintain on a human scale.

High-performance means
The faculty at ESLSCA Business School reflects the quality of teaching and research, both nationally and internationally. In addition to this state-of-the-art pedagogy, the ESLSCA Business School gives its students the means to carry out their research, thanks to its Internet and pedagogical means.

Being in Paris, an additional asset
The biggest companies are in PARIS and the capital also offers all the means to perfect its general culture. If the ESLSCA Business School has more than 50 different nationalities among its students, Paris is probably also for something.


Campus Features

A location in the heart of Paris

ESLSCA Business School Paris is located in the heart of a business campus (Parc du Pont de Flandre) in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. It benefits from more than 5,000 square meters of green spaces as well as numerous services (village square for lunch, pop-up store, connected relaxation area, etc.). ESLSCA students develop in a privileged setting just a stone's throw from Parc de la Villette where they can benefit from numerous services: cinemas, shopping centers, sports halls, etc.

A campus designed for its students

The school premises, completely renovated in 2018, allow students to benefit from more than 8,000 m2 spread over 5 floors.

The 360-degree orientation, architecture and layout of the campus provide an ideal setting for studying. In addition to classrooms, ESLSCA offers several spaces designed to meet the needs of students:

  • Equipped computer rooms;
  • A large cafeteria with the possibility of eating from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.;
  • An associative space for students (BDE, BDS, etc.);
  • Group work rooms;
  • Relaxation and agora areas on all floors of the school;
  • A trading room dedicated to MBA Trading students and equipped with “Bloomberg”.

Accessibility / Disability

The “La Villette” campus of the ESLSCA Business School has premises adapted to the reception and circulation of people with disabilities.

In order to ensure good integration and life on campus for everyone, ESLSCA Business School Paris also allows students with disabilities to benefit from personalized support.

The Disability representative on the Paris campus is there to find solutions adapted to each situation and can be contacted for any specific follow-up requests.


    Recognition of companies, which support the educational project of ESLSCA Business School Paris, delegate teachers, provide numerous internships and welcome graduates in the best conditions. The results of the survey on the salary of young graduates of the magazine EXPANSION (April 2010) are again this year favorable to the ESLSCA Business School Paris, which ranks 28th out of the 40 classified schools.


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      ESLSCA Paris Business School 11 Rue de Cambrai, 75019, Paris