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emTunis Business School

emTunis Business School

emTunis Business School


emTUNIS business school is the first African management school dedicated to executive training. located in Tunis, the capital of TUNISIA, we offer executives, programs with very high added value enabling them to exceed their potential and helping businesses navigate unprecedented challenges and forging new paths.

To achieve these objectives, we offer several training methods: online, on-site with a series of boot camps, a mix of two,… you will systematically have a schedule taking into account the workload you have in your company.

Tunisia is an African, Mediterranean, and Arab country. At one hour from Europe and with a history of ethnic mixing of more than 3000 years, Tunisia is undoubtedly the best place in the world for teaching diversity, inclusion, and tolerance. emTUNIS business school is the only Business School in the world that provide its executive programs in three languages: English, French, and Arabic.

If like us you’re convinced of the potential of the opportunities and synergies that can exist between Africa, Europe, and the Middle East then emTunis is your best partner to equip you and strengthen your capacities to better capture these opportunities.


  • Tunis

    Building Sarra, Boulevard Principal, Les Berges du Lac I, 1053, Tunis