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EAE Madrid

EAE Madrid


We are an accessible International Business School that anticipates and adapts to the needs of the environment with practical programs focused on you.

At EAE Madrid we offer you the tools and knowledge that make you self-sufficient in a technological scenario that is constantly changing, and we train you so that you can face it and enjoy your professional adventure with freedom, in your own way, promoting the transformation of companies and society.

Choose your own path and start changing your life.

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime

Get ready for a rewarding experience that you will remember forever. Studying at EAE is a transformational journey that you share with classmates from around the world, taking part in a broad range of activities outside the classroom, surrounded by constant stimuli.

Socialize, make progress in good company, discuss, interact with other students and lecturers, work as a team, have fun, learn right from the start, in every corner of the campus, through leisure and cultural activities, in networking sessions and at events and conferences that will make your time at EAE an unforgettable experience

  • Innovation Meetings
  • Business Networking for Executives
  • Self-Leadership Program
  • Business Skills for Emerging Leaders Program
  • Cultural Visits
  • Charity Campaigns
  • EAE Welcome
  • Sport Match Day

Make the most of the various conferences and sessions with our Partners that we run to round off your tuition in a relaxed and intercultural atmosphere that foster the exchange of knowledge and generates synergies between the participants.


At EAE, we want you to feel at home right from the start. With this in mind, we organize a Welcome program that gives you some valuable tips about how the School and your program operate, giving you your first contact with some of the members of the academic faculty and your future classmates.

We look forward to seeing you.

Business Networking

We organize a wide range of events and platforms for students, professionals and companies to meet and work together, where opportunities arise and great personal relationships take root.

Soft Skills Development

Are you ready to work in a world in which innovation, creativity and adaptability are now essential qualities? Are you prepared to develop the competences required by the leaders of the future? EAE’s Soft Skills programs rounds of your tuition with the strategic development of your personal competences.

Make the most of our Self-Leadership Program, designed to develop your executive capacities based one self-awareness. Perfect your communication skills and empathy, learn to generate confidence and interact more effectively with the members of your work team.

The program consists of 4 main modules underpinned by an in-house analysis of what it takes to be a great group or corporate leader:

  • Self-awareness as the foundation of leadership
  • How I relate to others
  • Key strategies for action
  • How I work with others


  • Citylife: offers you support with finding accommodation, legal procedures, opening a bank account, the healthcare system, transport, living in the city, activities, trips, leisure, culture and sports, online calling and a long list of other useful activities. You can use this city from the moment you arrive at until you finish your Master.
  • Banco Sabadell: You can special conditions when you open account at one of the bank’s branches in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Eleusal: International students can study to get a basic level of Spanish on the EAE campus at the start of the program. It is a really handy option for those of you just starting out to get a grasp of the language in a new country.
  • FEAM: The Asociación de Amigos de los Museos (Association of Friends of Museums) offer you tours around the city and visit to the most important museums and exhibitions in Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Food bank: If you would like to help out on the different food collection campaigns organized by the EAE community.
  • AIDA Books & More: The foundation gives us books for the charity book market we run at EAE during the week around International Book Day.
  • Madrid Red Cross and the Barcelona Blood and Tissue Bank: We take part in their blood donation drives through the activities of EAE Solidarity.
  • Utopic_us: This coworking space offer special discounts for EAE students and invites you to participate in the activities and events it organizes.
  • Altafit Students Madrid: EAE students at the Madrid Campus get discounts at this gym just a few minutes’ walk from the campus.
  • UPC sports facilities : PDTE


  • Madrid

    Calle del Príncipe de Vergara,156, 28002, Madrid