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Constructor University Data Science for Society and Business (Online)
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Data Science for Society and Business (Online)


2 Years


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Data Science for Society and Business - The program

The 2-year master program Data Science for Society and Business (DSSB) is a highly selective program for students of business and social sciences aiming to become data science experts. The program is also of high interest to students with backgrounds in health and environmental sciences aiming to expand into big data analytics, data-driven, and computational social science, based on their strong quantitative background.

During two exciting years, graduates gain cutting-edge competencies, tools, and methods to discuss, model, predict and solve the pressing challenges of digital societies, modern organizations, and competitive businesses.

The truly multidisciplinary program combines a broad course offering from multiple social and data science disciplines with 3 elective tracks to allow for individual diversity and further specialization. With a focus on high employability, DSSB graduates are best prepared for quickly growing, global professional and academic career options resulting from digitization.

Data Science for business

Students who are interested in business accumulate extensive digital knowledge for their international business careers. With expertise in business analytics, business management, and predictive modeling they build the in-demand technical, analytical, and communications skills essential to enhance their management knowledge and apply it to solve complex business challenges.

Aiming to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and data managers graduates manage large data sets and drive organizational change and optimization by understanding the target groups, and their needs and predicting behaviors and trends to optimize businesses and create sustainable ideas for the future.

Data Science for social sciences

Our master's program enables students with interests in economics, media, politics and other social sciences to analyze and understand unstructured heterogeneous data about humans and their interactions with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Statistics.

By applying data science expertise students can observe in real-time how social life enfolds, how networks grow, or how social dynamics and innovation emerge. These insights can be used to better decode and predict the logic of social behavior, opinion formation, and economic trends.

Data Science for health and environment

For students who want to focus on health or environmental problems, our master program offers a wide range of tools and methods to collect, evaluate and understand digital health and planetary data.

With the aim of making the world a better place, this knowledge can be used to illustrate the occurrence of certain diseases, predict their chances of cure, detect environmental threats, and monitor the success of countermeasures.

5 reasons why you should study Data Science for Society and Business (DSSB) at Constructor University

  1. Unique interdisciplinary modular program with elective tracks for individual diversity and specialization that promotes personalized career goals
  2. A cutting-edge demanding academic program with access to innovative research, a close relationship between teachers and students, shared learning experience and innovative learning environments
  3. Maximum focus on employability and preparation for the demands of global career paths in all areas of data-driven professional and academic fields
  4. A graduation rate of 90% reflects the university’s high academic standards and the intense support level within small classes with favorable student-to-teacher ratios
  5. Benefit from Constructor University’s direct access to the leading digital and tech companies, consulting firms, NGOs and top research institutes as well as a large global Alumni network


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