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CIFFOP, leading Center in human resources CIFFOP (Interdisciplinary Center for Human Resources Education) was established in 1971 due to the visionary initiative of Professor Nicole Catala and the support of several Human Resources professionals, all possessing remarkable foresight on the future and the importance of Human Resources functions.

The first university institute dedicated to the education of human resources professionals, in direct cooperation with the business world CIFFOP is an institute forming part of the prestigious University of Paris, Panthéon-Assas, and the only dedicated center for human resources management training within the Sor- bonne University Network. It offers several advanced master’s degrees (Master 2) in human resources and coaching. CIFFOP’s goals are to train students, graduates of business schools and post-graduate programs (Master 1), to meet the challenges of tomorrow and changes in the profession, in order to prepare them to take on responsibilities in all areas of human resources management and labor relations: HR management in businesses, multinational companies, international organizations, substantive servicing, business units, and consultancy firms.

Pioneering leading degrees

The successive diploma Directors have continuously engaged in innovative measures extending the pioneering role of CIFFOP, as evidenced by the increasing number of human resources professionals, the development of a highly qualified human resources professionals mentoring system (twenty-one mentors advise groups of four or fi ve students), the internationalization of training programs (including one study trip abroad each year since 2004) and, since 1998, the esta- blishment of a work-study apprenticeship program. The many educational innovations are the result of ongoing co-operation between CIFFOP lecturers and graduates.

Building on this success, CIFFOP created its International Human Resources Management Master in 2007, which is taught exclusively in English. This degree is mainly intended for international students: To meet the needs of business executives wishing to develop their skills and knowledge in human resources management, CIFFOP established an Executive program in Paris in 2009, and in Luxembourg in January 2011.

Ranked as a leader by specialized journals

CIFFOP’s original Master program is regularly ranked number one in the “Liaisons Sociales & Kelly Service” rankings of the best initial training programs in human resources. CIFFOP’s Executive program is already ranked by «Management» jour- nal as one of the best continuing education Master (Novem- ber 2011). CIFFOP is therefore meeting the challenge of being a pro- fessional training school in human resources management within a university setting, in which students receive high quality academic training, in an exceptional environment, offering personalized facilities and the most modern teaching methods.


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