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CENTRO diseño | cine | televisión

CENTRO diseño | cine | televisión

CENTRO diseño | cine | televisión


CENTRO is a higher education institution dedicated to the professionalization of creativity. It understands creativity as a catalyst for change, innovation, and value creation.

Creative industries rank fifth in Mexico's key industries and contribute 7.4% of GDP, a constantly growing figure.

In this context, CENTRO has created a platform and an ecosystem of creativity made up of 18 graduate programs around business and innovation, digital media, architecture, technology, fashion, marketing, design, visual communication, cinema, and foresight.

Create, innovate, belong, impact, investigate, evolve, connect, and dialogue are the basis on which we build the platform of experts in the Creative Economy in Mexico.


  • Mexico City

    Avenida Constituyentes,455, 11820, Mexico City