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Atlântica - Instituto Universitário

Atlântica - Instituto Universitário

Atlântica - Instituto Universitário


Atlântica was born in 1996 as an institution of public interest, reaching out to be a target reference to the creation, transmission, and dissemination of knowledge, science, and technology through the articulation of study, teaching, research, and experimental development. In 1996 we held the first degree in the Management area, Environment Territory, ICT, and Management in Health, and in 2001 was created the Atlântica Health School. Since then, Atlântica has extended its scientific interests and consolidated its educational aspects and research. In 2014, the Company Carbures acquires 87% of the share capital of the EIA, SA with the purpose of contributing to a change in higher education in Portugal, by fostering the link between industry-university - research, achieved through the creation of a technological pole development of the area of Materials Engineering and Aeronautical engineering - its core business.

This collaboration allows knowledge transfer from the Company to the University, in a two-way relationship, training graduates, masters and doctorates, future professionals, with competencies that are useful to the company but will also allow the institution to support the company in research and technological development projects. Through this new teaching model that privileges proper integration of the university institution/company, transversal and complementary areas of knowledge (Health, Business Sciences, Information Technologies, Engineering) and a strong investment in research that gives rise to applied innovation, Atlântica marks the difference in higher education in Portugal, both private and public.


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