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Ariel University was originally established as a college in 1982 and was recognized as a university in 2012. Today, Ariel University remains Israel’s newest public university while evolving into a major national and international force in academics and research.

Located in Israel’s biblical heartland, Ariel University, infused and inspired by the land’s rich history, brings a new and dynamic approach to scholarship. The University’s influence extends beyond campus. It engages the neighboring communities and region through a commitment to creating a better society by integrating classic values of nation-building with its academic and research excellence.

Ariel University’s unique student and faculty demographic reflects today’s Israeli society, a dynamic mosaic of communities, ethnicities, and religions, demonstrating immense creative and entrepreneurial skills. The University has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to a diverse campus demographic, welcoming Israel’s returning citizens or new immigrants as students or as faculty. Many of AU’s students are from the nation’s periphery and underserved communities. Roughly 25% of AU students are the first member of their family to pursue an undergraduate degree. The University provides a breadth of programs to ease their transition into higher education. Ariel University’s commitment to helping every student fulfill their academic and personal potential has made the University Israel’s fastest growing institution of higher education and a national leader in research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Ariel University at a GLANCE:

16,000 students and over 500 senior faculty members represent the full spectrum of Israeli society: Jews and Arabs- Christian, Muslim, and Druze, secular and observant, new immigrants, and native-born Israelis.

Faculties and schools

Academic degrees

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctorate
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship

16,000 Students

Over 500 Senior faculty members

Our Vision

The fabric of Israeli society continues to become more complex day to day. Its basic diversity, while providing a rich panorama of cultural expression, also opens the door to alienation and tension among different population groups. Ariel University, provides an oasis from these tensions, playing a meaningful role in mending the gaps between these groups and providing new opportunities for all its students to realize their personal potential to the fullest. To help students and faculty reach their potential, we as a University strive to achieve ours as well:

  • To become a world-leading, multidisciplinary university.
  • To become a leading university in higher education and culture, preparing the future leaders of Israel and the world.
  • To become an academic center that influences and strengthens the region culturally, socially, and economically.
  • To become a center of research and teaching excellence attracting students and scientists from around the world.
  • To cultivate and encourage diversified communities of students and academics.
  • To provide excellent opportunities for every student

The University provides every resource necessary for your success: careful instruction from dedicated professors, mentoring from caring and committed mentors; access to cutting-edge labs, facilities, and research centers; scientific activities and social events. Our campus with its young and creative scholars-both students and instructors inspires the entire community to aspire to and achieve new heights in their academic and personal journeys.

Thanks to innovative curricula, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dedicated and involved staff, Ariel University's culture openly promotes academic achievement by fostering local and global cooperation and collaboration, giving material support for innovative, entrepreneurial projects, and supports academic and inter-disciplinary interaction globally.

We invite you to challenge yourself, to grow as a scholar and as a person, by becoming a part of the dynamic Ariel University community.


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