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Fashion styling refers to creating characters and setting up a set using merchandise and props to better sell clothing and other fashion products. It also involves working with photographers in designing fashion photography and product layouts.

Being the 2nd largest city in Spain, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia province. It has over 4 million inhabitants. It is a vibrant city that hosts thousands of tourists annually. It is home to university of Barcelona among others.

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Idep Barcelona

The clothing is much more than fashion, it is the expression of the image you want to offer to show a way of being, of living and relating either to a fashion brand that ... [+]

The clothing is much more than fashion, it is the expression of the image you want to offer to show a way of being, of living and relating either to a fashion brand that wants to identify with his audience, to communicate values ​​in a advertising spot or to represent the character and times of a fictional character in a movie or a play.

But the image does not depend only on the designers, it is also the responsibility of stylists, costume designers and art directors specialized in designing clothing through a message in order to generate a visual impact or tell a story.

Although traditionally the fashion stylist for fashion editorials and catwalk was limited, its contribution has now expanded to other communications more related to advertising, promotion, sale and retention of the image, covering art direction and techniques like window dressing and the presentation of the products at the point of sale, fairs and showrooms. On the other hand, as the costumes for fiction or costume, it requires a professional who knows both capture the psychology of a character as the dramatic evolution from a script, you translate the requirements of leadership in an attractive and appealing design for viewer, and you know testing costumes for actors and dancers with a physiognomy and very specific needs.... [-]

Spain Barcelona
October 2019
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FDModa - LCI Barcelona

The Master in Fashion Styling, Advertising and Broadcasting aims to train professionals in fashion styling, with special emphasis on the role of art director in both fash ... [+]

Language of instruction: Spanish

In an era in which ideas are conveyed through images, the role of the stylist has taken a leading role as a strategic tool for an optimal management of the image you want to convey. And the image that identifies a fashion brand depends not only designers, but also, and increasingly, responsibility for stylists and art directors.

The stylist is a key for ensuring the success of a product in the market, launching current and different visual proposals. Stylist as "interpreter of fashion" is present in the development of fashion collections in the staging parades, showrooms in organizing, planning of fashion shows and events, and also increasingly share communication related to advertising, promotion or sale. ... [-]

Spain Barcelona
September 2019
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