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A Master’s degree in Computer Engineering focuses in giving students the ability to deploy powerful and efficient systems in a variety of fields. These include data acquisition, automation manufacturing and communications. It makes and emphasis on the practical applications of both software and hardware design.

Master Degree in Computer Engineering in Germany

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Other options within this field of study:
HECTOR School of Engineering and Management

Graduates of the Service Management & Engineering master program have the ability to comprehend and evaluate how hardware and software developments in modern informat ... [+]

Master Program in Information Systems Engineering & Management

NEW 2019! Start in October 2019

We are living in a digital world. Rapidly evolving information technologies drive the digital transformation of products, services, and organizations. Successful enablers of digital transformation require a profound understanding and integration of business and information technology.

In the recent years, the topic of digital transformation in companies and the needs of qualified employees has developed rapidly. In the context in digital transformation, companies face the challenge of qualifying their employees as an "enabler" at the interface of business and IT.

In the new Master Program in Information Systems Engineering & Management, IT specialists and computer scientists, as well as business administrators and engineers, will be enabled to advance internal and external digitalization and to assume leadership functions, especially in the field of digital transformation of companies.... [-]

Germany Karlsruhe
September 2019
18 months
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EIT Digital Master School

Embedded systems are everywhere! More than 98% of the world’s processors are located in embedded systems. Embedded systems focuses on enabling technologies and design met ... [+]

Why study Embedded Systems at EIT Digital Master School?

Embedded Systems (ES) gives you a holistic and multidisciplinary view and skillset on embedded systems, their underlying technologies, their development, and their integration.

Graduates become world-class specialists and innovators in the field of embedded systems, capable of developing smart embedded solutions for new challenges in domains of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). They are also capable of taking on leading management roles in embedded systems and more general ICT companies.

The curriculum combines the technical major in Embedded Systems (Technical major 75%) with a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) (business minor 25%). You will learn how to bring innovation to the market and how to develop a successful business model. These additional entrepreneurial skills will give you your ticket to a successful career.... [-]

Germany Berlin
August 2020
2 years
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