Master's Degree in Australia

Top Masters in Australia 2019

Master-level studies involve specialized study in a field of research or an area of professional practice. Earning a master’s degree demonstrates a higher level of mastery of the subject. Earning a master’s degree can take anywhere from a year to three or four years. Before you can graduate, you usually must write and defend a thesis, a long paper that is the culmination of your specialized research.

After earning a bachelor’s degree, many students decide to increase their experience and education by pursuing a Master. A Master may take about two years to earn, and there are programs offered in many different areas so that students can find an emphasis that works for them and their goals.


Masters Degrees in Australia


Master of Music (Performance)

Australian Academy Of Music And Performing Arts (AMPA)
Campus Full-time Part-time May 2019 Australia Surry Hills + 1 more

The Master of Music at AMPA is designed to provide graduate students with the opportunity to enter the music industry at a more elite level by further developing and specializing their performance and composition skills.

Master of Professional Accounting

University of Western Australia Business School
Campus Full-time Part-time 18 - 24  Open Enrollment Australia Perth + 1 more

The Master of Professional Accounting will provide you with training in the technical aspects of the preparation of accounting data; develop your skills in the application of accounting information to solving problems and making decisions; and develop your knowledge and skills in related professional disciplines such as finance, taxation, auditing, and management.

Master of Data Science

La Trobe University
Campus Full-time Part-time January 2020 Australia Melbourne + 1 more

La Trobe’s Master of Data Science is designed to give graduates a competitive edge through up-to-the-minute theoretical content, real-world practical experiences, and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Master of Engineering

University of Canberra
Campus Full-time January 2020 Australia Canberra

If you are an engineering graduate looking to gain an advanced qualification in your field, then you really can’t go past our master’s degree.

Master of Business (Marketing)

University of Wollongong Faculty of Business
Campus Full-time Part-time August 2019 Australia North Wollongong + 1 more

The Master of Business (Marketing) is suitable for managers and middle managers seeking to further their career in a specialized field of business.

Master of Data Science

University of South Australia
Campus Full-time January 2020 Australia Adelaide

The Master of Data Science gives you current knowledge of data science techniques and research. It caters for students with a mathematics or an IT background, with courses tailored for both.

Master of Business Logistics and Information Management

The University of Western Australia
Campus Full-time Part-time 18 - 24  January 2020 Australia Crawley + 1 more

Business Information and Logistics Management blends studies in information systems, management science, and decision support systems, enabling students to examine a variety of critical issues in business.

Master of Analytics

RMIT - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Campus Full-time Part-time 2 - 4  July 2019 Australia Melbourne + 1 more

With data-driven decisions now a fundamental part of business operations, this program provides you with the platform to be a business-ready problem solver.

Master of Global Project Management (Advanced)

Torrens University Australia
Campus Online Full-time Part-time 1 - 2  February 2020 Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide + 5 more

Refine and deepen your understanding of all processes involved in project management. The Master of Global Project Management and the Master of Global Project Management (Advanced) courses will help you gain the skills necessary to manage complex projects from beginning to end, on time and on budget.

Master of Business France-Australia Dual Degree

IPAG Business School
Campus September 2019 France Nice Australia Sydney Paris + 1 more

Each of the Newcastle master’s programmes incorporates a special focus on the Asia-Pacific markets and their importance in the global business environment.

Master of Actuarial Practice

Bond University
Campus Full-time 92  January 2020 Australia Robina

The Master of Actuarial Practice follows the same structure as the Master of Actuarial Science, plus Practice Subjects.

Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)

Engineering Institute Of Technology
Campus Online Full-time Part-time June 2019 Australia Perth + 2 more

In this accredited and prestigious program, you will gain skills and know-how in the latest and developing technologies in instrumentation, process control, and industrial automation.

Master of Education (MEDF)

University of Southern Queensland (USQ)
Online Full-time Part-time 18 - 72  July 2019 Australia Australia Online + 1 more

Educators play a vital role in developing the capacity of citizens to use knowledge to learn, develop and participate in our contemporary world. The Master of Education aims to extend your expertise, helping you to become a leader in Education.

Master of Science Degree in Economics, Management and Innovation

Unitelma Sapienza
Online Full-time Open Enrollment Italy Rome Spain Spain Online Mexico Mexico Online Australia Australia Online USA USA Online Canada Canada Online + 9 more

The Master's Degree in Economy, Technology and Innovation provides students with a strong theoretical background as well as practical skills. The Master's Degree in Economy, Technology and Innovation offers: an interdisciplinary programme which blends and applies economics, managerial, legal and quantitative approaches to innovation studies; the unique opportunity to study in a prestigious university located in the centre of Rome; a strong formal training and practical experience. Career opportunities The graduate in Economy, Technology and Innovation will be able to collaborate with public and private companies and Institutions dealing with innovation. The acquired skills will enable them to become competitive in the international job market. Our graduate students will master different knowledge required to pursue innovative projects in various environment including: international companies, high-tech companies, and international organisations.

Master of Professional Practicing Accounting

Melbourne Polytechnic
Campus Full-time July 2019 Australia Melbourne

Advance your accounting skills and business acumen into research, further learning or professional practice, with Melbourne Polytechnic’s Master of Professional and Practising Accounting (MPPA).