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The benefits of a Masters extend beyond improving your earning potential. They can provide you with personal and professional skills to accelerate your development. They are also an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your peers, many of whom will have similar A-level and undergraduate qualifications.

Artificial intelligence is far more than the media portrayal of this subject; it is the leading edge of software solutions. This field of computer science is useful for data managers, engineers, researchers and machine learning developers.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a country is Central Asia. It is the largest landlocked country. The education system is universal and compulsory. It is divided into 3 phases, namely: primary (forms 1-4), basic general (forms 5-9), and senior level education (forms 10- 11 or 12).

Masters Program in Artificial Intelligence in Kazakhstan

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Kazakh British Technical University (KBTU)

The Intelligent Systems program is oriented towards the preparation of specialists in Data Science/Machine Learning. A unique program that provides advanced study along w ... [+]

Best Masters Degrees in Artificial Intelligence in Kazakhstan. Program perspectives A unique program that provides advanced study along with practical experience; A great opportunity to realize your potential and develop professional skills by working on real projects of vendors such as EMC, Alem Research, etc.; The program is oriented towards the preparation of specialists in Data Science/Machine Learning; Learning advanced innovative technologies including the collection of a large amount of data, solving business cases using data processing and management techniques, using programming languages such as R, Python, and MATLAB, and gaining experience in working with machine learning and pattern recognition tools and techniques; Learning tools and techniques necessary for the development of real-time and embedded systems; Courses are taught by the highly-qualified specialists, developers of software products from the large and well-known companies such as (needs to be filled out) Professional certification from the University of Southampton; Well-paid job after graduation; Tuition fee for the entire period of study is 8 400 000 tenge; *there is an opportunity to win the internal grants of the KBTU. The program is based on a unique technology, where gained theoretical skills can be applied to real practical problems. An invaluable knowledge that is useful today. Program requirements Undergraduate degree in Information Systems, Automation, and Control, Computer Systems and Software, or other related fields; Strong knowledge of high level and low-level programming, algorithms and data structures, object-oriented programming, embedded design, and digital logic background, solid probability and linear algebra background; Good level of English... [-]
Kazakhstan Almaty
September 2019
4 semesters
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