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Program Description

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The Master of Science in Finance and Accounting program is designed for graduates who desire to extend their expertise in finance or accounting. Intensive courses studying the core finance and accounting disciplines occupy the program’s first half, while its second half provides students with the opportunity to focus on advanced and applied areas of the disciplines.

Why Study This Program at UNYT?

Throughout its history, UNYT has built a reputation for its quality undergraduate and graduate Business programs. UNYT graduates present an impressive professional and academic record at a post-graduation level. This program draws specialized faculty from around the world who combine theoretical knowledge with extensive experience in executive business lines. Students have access to computer facilities and extensive library resources including all publications, reports, and databases of the World Bank in hard and soft copies. Situated in the heart of a rapidly developing country’s capital, one may not find a comparable M.Sc. program in Finance and Accounting.

Program Duration:
14-18 months (full-time); 24 -30 months (part-time).

Program Structure

The program is structured in five core and four optional courses at 15 British credits each. You will also need to pass a dissertation (60 British credits) in order to be awarded the degree. The program altogether carries 180 British credits (90 ECTS or 45 ACTS).


Teaching and learning shall be conducted through a variety of traditional means, such as lectures, workshops, and tutorials, as well as innovative methods like the use of virtual learning environments, simulations, discussion groups, etc. These various elements combine to form a coherent program designed to enable students to acquire a range of subject-specific and transferable skills. Students can also pursue part of their studies at the University of Greenwich, thereby benefiting from the partner institution’s on-site resources and facilities.

Assessment Methods

A variety of assessment methods will be implemented, including class participation, topics reviews, essays, oral and written (unseen and open, in-class or take-home) examinations through the semesters or terms (minimally two), assessed seminars and problem-solving exercises with real-business-world cases.
Assessment is linked to the learning outcomes of each course and informs the learning process.

Admission Requirements

  • A first degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business, Mathematics, or in related disciplines from an accredited institution.
  • Where an applicant's first language is not English, evidence of competence in English through a recognized International English language qualification (TOEFL 213 computer score / IELTS Level 6.0) or other evidence deemed appropriate, like study for a first degree through the medium of English, etc. For the latter, the candidates will be interviewed and may be required to sit a diagnostic test administered by the school.

Financial Aid

It is UNYT’s philosophy that everyone should aspire to achieve a post-graduate university education and that no student should be deterred from applying solely on the grounds of economic hardship. Hence, a plan of financial aid has been set in place to support prospective students of excellence.

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The UNYT is a fascinating blend of challenge and vision, in response to the needs of a global society and era. It is for this reason why the UNYT attracts students of high ability and employs academic ... Read More

The UNYT is a fascinating blend of challenge and vision, in response to the needs of a global society and era. It is for this reason why the UNYT attracts students of high ability and employs academic staff of distinction, some recognized as international leaders in their fields. Read less
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