Master of Arts in Translation (English-Arabic-English)


Program Description

ETIB Historical Background

Since its foundation in 1980, the School of Translators and Interpreters of Beirut (ETIB) has been training senior translators and interpreters with the highest standards to master Arabic, French and English languages as well as intercultural competencies by helping them to adapt to cultural differences, sharpen strong analytical and deductive skills, and develop professional judgment. Member of CIUTI (International Standing Conference of University Institutes of Translators and Interpreters) and of the FIT (International Federation of Translators), recognized by the AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters), and having a long-standing and close relation with the United Nations and the European Parliament, ETIB aspires to be an active member among the university institutions of the world and a pole of excellence in the fields of research and innovation in the Arab world.

Description of the Program

This Master degree has recently been granted the EMT quality label. The EMT quality label stands for European Master’s in Translation and is a quality label specifically for translation programs that offer a Master’s degree with the highest standards and quality.

Saint Joseph University - Dubai offers a Master in Translation upon the completion of:

  • A full-time track of 15 months
  • A part-time track of 18-24 months

The curriculum includes the bases of translation from English into Arabic and Arabic into English

The curriculum covers thematic concepts and terminologies related to the following specific fields:

  • Literature
  • Journalism, Media, and Copywriting
  • Law
  • Economy
  • International Conferences/ Organizations
  • Banks
  • IT systems

Translation has become vital for businesses and companies who wish to:

  • remain relevant in the vast digital landscape.
  • create and maintain an online presence while communicating properly in different languages.

MA in Translation offered by the School of Translators – Dubai at USJ caters for all needs and levels, with a focus on students and employees working in the following fields:

  • Governmental Institutions
  • Non-Governmental and International Organizations
  • Banking and Financial Markets
  • Law firms
  • Media and Communication

The program offers as well an elaborate course, entitled Translation Project Management, for candidates interested in starting a freelance career or opening their own translation offices.

Conditions for Admission

A Bachelor degree from an accredited university in a vast array of fields: Arabic Literature, English Literature, Translation, Language, Media, Sociology, business, Economics, Law, etc.

Language Requirements


USJ Placement Test: 13/20 (Excluding candidates holding a BA degree that was taught in Arabic)


Traditional paper-based TOEFL: 550; Computer-Based TOEFL: 250; IELTS: 6; Pearson PTE: 60; Cambridge Advanced CEFR: C1; USJ Placement Test: 13/20

Applicants who do not meet the English or Arabic proficiency requirement will be considered for Conditional Admission.


  • Translation agencies
  • Media companies
  • Publishing Houses
  • Law firms
  • Governmental/NonGovernmental/Local/ International Organizations
  • Financial and Banking Sector

First semester

  • Literary domain (English- Arabic)
  • Literary domain (Arabic – English)
  • Media domain (Arabic – English)
  • Economic sectors domain (English - Arabic)
  • Economic sectors domain (Arabic – English)
  • History of translation
  • Conferences domain (Arabic – English)
  • Legal domain (English – Arabic)
  • Sworn translation (English – Arabic – English)
  • Professional English writing
  • Professional Arabic writing
  • News from the world of finance and business
  • Language for translation (French) 1
  • Language for translation (French) 2
  • General translation (French – Arabic)
  • Domain of advertisement
  • Labor market and translation ethics

Second semester

  • Movie subtitling (English – Arabic)
  • Conferences domain (English - Arabic)
  • Domain of Islamic banking
  • Website localization
  • Theoretical issues
  • Domain of banks and financial markets (Arabic – English)
  • Domain of banks and financial markets (English - Arabic)
  • Legal domain (Arabic – English)
  • Computer-assisted translation
  • Media domain (English – Arabic)
  • Editing
  • Terminology issues
  • Movie dubbing

Third semester

  • Internship report

Program objectives

1. Translating texts in various specialty fields

  • 1.1. Analyze the thematic concepts related to the specialty field
  • 1.2. Invest the extra-linguistic knowledge in the specialty field
  • 1.3. Redraft the source text faithfully and accurately while meeting the standards of the specialized texts

2. Managing information and documentation of a specialized linguistic database

  • 2.1. Develop documentary and terminological research strategies
  • 2.2. Update a specialized linguistic database with different means and techniques

3. Proofreading of translation works related to the specialty field

  • 3.1. Edit the target text in a quick, coherent and cohesive manner
  • 3.2. Use multiple software that helps implement both proofreading and translation processes
  • 3.3. Assess equivalence between the source text and the target text

4. Analyzing the translation operation

  • 4.1. Determine the notions related to translation
  • 4.2. Choose the convenient translation strategies and methodology
  • 4.3. Prepare an internship report in translation

5. Developing oneself as per the ethics and deontology of translation

  • 5.1. Make use of the new developments occurring in the translation profession
  • 5.2. Adjust to the different work contexts
  • 5.3. Comply with the profession deontology
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About the School

University Saint Joseph is a Lebanese private university founded in 1875 in Beirut. The University offers a career enabling learning experience in all majors and aims at empowering the students while ... Read More

University Saint Joseph is a Lebanese private university founded in 1875 in Beirut. The University offers a career enabling learning experience in all majors and aims at empowering the students while promoting dialogue among civilizations. In 2008, a branch was established in Dubai. Read less