Master in Training and Development (MTD)

University Course for Economy Training, Organisational Development, and Human Resource Management

The modular training program of this part-time master program conveys relevant basic knowledge and instrumental know-how, and it furthers the development of the participants' personalities. The acquisition of the social competences which will determine success in the European and global competition is at the core of this master degree, which is innovative and unique in Central Europe, and which has rightfully been labeled the "Salzburg manager training model".

This master program is unique as a university course in the entire German-speaking countries since it is designed to be academic, practice-oriented, and to develop personalities at the same time. The study program aims to convey skills and knowledge which give consideration to the requirements of the future training market. The goal of the course is the development of an authentic, socially intelligent and competent training and leadership personality. The following competencies are focussed on: The understanding of group processes, the teaching of insight regarding space for maneuver and change, the solution of internal organizational conflicts, the facilitation of the ability of organizations to learn and innovate, the consulting of organizations and executives. The complex qualifications of executives needed in the future will also be discussed in this course: The ability to moderate processes of organizational development, socially intelligent coaching of employees, the ability of containment in the face of growing stress conditions in the world of work. Therefore, this course is highly recommendable for the development of the social competences of executives. Completing this course not only has personal benefits for the participants but also provides considerable additional benefit for their employers in companies and organizations.

Target groups

The "MTD – Master in Training and Development" part-time university course is designed for future and current trainers, human resource developers, prospective executives, and adult educators. The course is aimed at all people who are ready and willing to engage in developing their own personalities, and most importantly, in emotional and social competences.

-- Practicing and future trainers, consultants, moderators, project managers, group leaders, customer support

-- Executives and managers in middle management

--Employees with corresponding qualifications (responsible for personnel, human resource developers, people in leading positions)

-- University alumni, especially graduates of teaching programs, pedagogues and psychologists, for whom the sector of advanced training is a work area.

Acceptance criteria

-- People with a completed academic degree, or comparable qualification;

-- People with at least 4 years of occupational practice in a leadership position in a corresponding field of economy training work

-- After clarification of the formal requirements, an interview with the course director will be held. Admittance will be decided by the course director.

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
Oct 2019
12,000 EUR
€ 12.000,- (exkl. PG+VG € 1.250,-)
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Start Date
Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

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