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In the name of a delimitation of the arts that has been diagnosed in many places and a progressive aestheticization of the lifeworld, the question of art and aesthetic experience is confronted with a new urgency that calls for answers that are cross-subject and interdisciplinary. Far beyond the narrower field of philosophical aesthetics, which historically covers all areas of art theory, art-theoretical and aesthetic problem-situations appear across the various fields of artistic production and the disciplines of the humanities connected to them through a respective subject-relation.

The two-year master's program Aesthetics takes this challenge into account by addressing the problem area of ​​aesthetics across disciplines, including philosophy, literary studies, theater, film and media studies, art history and musicology, as well as historical, empirical-psychological and ethnographic ones and ethnological perspectives. Another feature of the course is the connection to the current artistic practice in the context of cooperation with the cultural institutions of the city and the Greater Frankfurt (with the Städelschule, the Academy of Design Offenbach and the University of Music and Performing Arts within the Hessian Theater Academy and the Hessian Film and Media Academy).

The study program allows focus in three of seven areas: Philosophy, Literary Studies, Musicology, Art History, Theater Studies, Film Studies, Media Studies. It is aimed at students who would like to develop themselves in a historical and systematic way in a research-intensive and subject-free way in the field of aesthetic theory.

The study and educational objectives of the subject are not aimed at narrowly defined occupational fields, but at a wide range of activities, as the institutional and technological conditions of literary, media and art production and art education are changing rapidly. The degree course qualifies for the acquisition of a qualified employment in the field of culture, journalism and media production and forms the basis for a doctoral program in one of the participating disciplines.

  • Bachelor's degree with a recognizable focus in General and Comparative Literature, American Studies, English Studies, German Studies, Art History, Media Studies, Musicology, Philosophy, Romance Languages ​​and Literatures, Scandinavian Studies, Theater, Film and Media Studies or in any other national philology with a recognizable one Focus in the field of aesthetics / theory and with a regular study period of min. 6 semesters or
    At least equivalent degree from a German university or a German university of applied sciences in one of the above-mentioned or a related discipline with a standard period of study of at least six semesters or
    at least equivalent foreign degree in one of the above-mentioned or a related discipline with a standard period of study of at least six semesters.
    The admissions committee decides on the recognition and comparability of the degrees.
  • Language proficiency in two newer foreign languages , at least at level B 1 of the European Reference Framework (GeR) (this corresponds to the competences acquired by successfully completing 3 years of teaching in the respective language), or Latin Greek language skills and knowledge in a newer foreign language . Especially good are the knowledge of English and French.
    The following documents are accepted:
    - completed bachelor studies of a philological degree program with a focus on the language concerned, or
    - University entrance qualification for a country where the language in question is an official language, or
    - a high school diploma documenting at least 3 years of instruction in the language concerned, the grade being not inferior to "sufficient (4.0)" or five points, or
    - a certificate of successfully completed language courses in the language concerned from German and / or foreign universities, whose target level corresponds to the above-mentioned requirements, or
    - expert opinions, lecturer examinations or certificates obtained during stays abroad, in university language courses, in VHS courses or self-study, demonstrating the required knowledge of the language concerned.
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Oct. 2019
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Oct. 2019
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