Master in Public Administration (mpa)


Program Description

  • Duration of study (years): 1.5 year
  • Title of studies: Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration
  • Level of Title of Study: Postgraduate (2nd Cycle of Studies)
  • Language of instruction: Greek
  • Study Mode: Full-time / Part-time
  • Minimum Credit Units: 27
  • Minimum European Credit Units (ECTS): 90

Program Description

The program allows for specialization in the discipline of public administration in theory and practice. Specifically, postgraduate training is provided to officers of the public sector and individuals who intend to work in this sector (Public Service, Semi-Government Organisations, Local Government (Municipalities and Communities), Public Organizations and Agencies).

The main objective of the Program is to develop a horizontal learning culture in public administration matters in Cyprus.

Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the theoretical models of Public Administration and the systematic examination of the models and practices of Public Administration in Cyprus. In this context, it highlights the nature and functioning of public administration, details the way in which areas and services are related and influence each other, and identify issues that need special attention in order to produce practical and applied knowledge in dealing with current problems and challenges.

Specific Objectives:

The first specific objective of the Programme is to improve the efficiency and productivity of workers in the public sector. The second specific objective is to understand the challenges posed by the accession of Cyprus to the EU and the structure of global governance for Public Administration.

Students will have the opportunity to not elaborate on the research and application of models and practices of Public Administration at both general and specific level. The program is structured in such a way that enables students to specialize in areas of particular interest, having a background knowledge and experience in public administration.

Career Prospects

The Programme addresses existing officers of the Public Administration and individuals seeking to work in it. The need to increase knowledge and skills of these people are given the demand for such a possibility is apparent. On the other hand, the offer and the options concerned are very limited. Individuals seeking specialization in postgraduate studies in Public Administration are mainly people with full-time, which are unable to study abroad mainly due to increased professional and family obligations. In Cyprus there is limited supply in Graduate Programs in Public Administration. The introduction of the program will therefore ensure immediate cover this gap.

Furthermore, the Programme is also addressed to Greeks students who pursue graduate education and training in the field of Public Administration.

Developing the knowledge base of public administration at the graduate level of education and university research level will give new possibilities to people serving in this area and will improve the level of knowledge and management issues related to the sector. The results will be beneficial for the whole society.

Access to Further Studies

Graduates of this program will be able to pursue further studies in the academic field of public administration or the general field of knowledge management at the doctoral level.

Learning results

The Master Program aims at learning outcomes that will make graduates able to manage a complex network of knowledge to address real problems and challenges in their work environment. In particular, the learning outcomes aim at enhancing the theoretical and practical knowledge of students at postgraduate level as well as in developing their competencies. The main objective of the structure of learning outcomes is to broaden the students' existing knowledge and to use them in a practical and directly applicable way.

The student, after completing the Program, is expected

  1. To develop knowledge about basic and necessary concepts, terms, principles, models and theories and to apply them to the investigation of specific issues in the field of public administration
  2. Develop specific theories and models to address specific problems in Public Administration
  3. To match empirical with theoretical knowledge and to pair both to understand and address specific issues
  4. To analyze and evaluate problems and proposed solutions in Public Administration (empirical and regulatory approach)
  5. Evaluate procedures designed to address problems in Public Administration
  6. Identify priority issues that are or must be addressed in Public Administration
  7. Develop skills to identify problem areas or issues that need to be analyzed and evaluated
  8. Apply the necessary means and capabilities to address identified problems
  9. Develop analytical and communication skills in the work environment whether it is at state or supranational level
  10. To acquire managerial skills in accordance with the structure, function and requirements of the Public Administration
  11. To acquire skills and capabilities for the continuous development of individual competencies and skills to address practical problems
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UNIC is the largest university in Cyprus, with over 12,000+ students, from over 70 countries across the globe, coming together in an innovative and transformative learning space. Read less
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