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Program Description


“Along the pressure of research papers and stressful exams, our professors maintain a supportive and understanding approach throughout the semester. There is no such thing as a stupid question, as everything is explained and answered properly. This positive atmosphere is widely sensed around campus and the city. People are very helpful and understanding, and they are very accepting of different cultures and backgrounds. I recently had conversations about culture, politics, psychology, and music with different people around the same table!”

Lujain Hunaity (Jordan, English and American Studies MA)

The goal of the degree program is to train experts in the field of English Studies who have sound theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge of the English language and can apply such knowledge in practice. They have thorough knowledge and understanding of the literature, culture and the social and political systems of English-speaking countries, including Great Britain, Ireland and Canada, the major trends and research fields of modern theoretical and applied linguistics and their results that mainly apply to the English language. They can apply the acquired knowledge in the business sector, the media, education, diplomacy, at institutions engaged in international relations, in tourism, the publishing sector, tender agencies, local, regional and national government offices and, in general, in the cultural public sphere. They are prepared to pursue studies in doctoral degree programs.

The program is offered to full-time students as well as in the form of a correspondence program. The range of subjects taught in courses of two academic-hour-long sessions (lectures, seminars, and consultations) per week is grouped as follows:

  • Introductory courses in English linguistics, English history, literature, and culture.
  • Two paths students choose from:
    • Specialization in English literature.
    • Specialization in English applied linguistics.

The graduates of the MA degree program have a thorough knowledge of:

  • The body of knowledge pertaining to English-speaking cultures (e.g. language, linguistics, literature, history).

The graduates of the MA degree program are qualified for:

  • Carrying out tasks and filling positions that require special expertise and education; conceptual and abstract thinking; and practical skills in the field of English Studies.
  • Pursuing their profession in theory and practice in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary manner.
  • Independent research.
  • Carrying out independent scholarly work and publishing original studies on the culture, history, and literature of English-speaking nations and the English language.
  • Mediating between English-speaking and Hungarian-speaking cultures at a high level in cultural, economic, political, etc. areas.
  • Transmitting knowledge pertaining to the English language, English-speaking cultures, and societies.

Personal abilities and skills required for the practice of the qualification:

  • High level of professional motivation and commitment.
  • Highly developed ability to analyze.
  • Ability to explore similarities and differences between different cultures.
  • Intercultural attitude.
  • High level of proficiency in English and good communication skills.
  • Good presentation abilities.

Career opportunities

  • Lexicographer
  • Publishing editor
  • Proof-reader
  • Writer
  • Translator
  • Forensic Linguist
  • Speech Therapist
  • English as a Second Language Teacher
  • Applied Linguistics Teacher
  • Marketing and Communications Executive

Application Procedure

Examples of Subjects During the Studies

1st semester 3rd semester
  • The System of English in a Historical Perspective (seminar)
  • Research Methodology (seminar)
  • British Socio-Cultural History (lecture)
  • Oral and Popular Literature (seminar)
  • Metaphor and Thought (seminar)
  • The Gothic and Fantastic in English Literature (seminar)
2nd semester 4th semester: electives
  • Current Issues in Literary and Cultural Studies (lecture)
  • Individual Differences in SLA (seminar)
  • A Cultural History of Literary Genres in Britain (lecture and seminar)
  • New Englishes (seminar)
  • English Corpus Linguistics (seminar)
  • Modernism and Postmodernism in the Literatures of the British Isles (seminar)


Last updated May 2020

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