M.A. in Christian Education (Talbot School of Theology)

As a graduate degree of the Department of Christian Education, the mission of the M.A.C.E. program is to develop and equip the experienced church and parachurch servant-leaders in mind, character, and ability to serve God and further His kingdom through biblically-based educational ministries, according to a particular area of specialization.

Ministry Preparation

In light of increasing demands for persons trained in Christian education, the program is designed to prepare individuals to serve competently in a growing number of functional roles. Along with core classes, a variety of courses to meet students' individualized needs and goals are offered in five areas of emphasis: Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry, Adult and Family Ministry, General Christian Education Ministries and Cross-cultural Ministry.

Vocations or positions for which the M.A.C.E. program prepares students to include:

  • Minister of Christian Education / Executive Pastor
  • Minister of Youth
  • Parachurch Children & Youth Ministries Staff / Parachurch Executive Leader
  • Pastor / Director of Children’s Ministries
  • Pastor of Adult / Family Ministries
  • Pastor of Single Adult / Young Adult Ministries
  • Church Business Administrator
  • Counseling & Family Ministries
  • Christian Camp Administration


  • Adult/Family Ministry
  • Children's Ministry
  • Cross-cultural Education Ministry
  • General Christian Education
  • Youth Ministry


The student will be able to:

  • Grasp an overview of the Old and New Testament literature, appreciate its life-changing impact, and utilize appropriate study skills and sound principles of interpretation in treating biblical books.
  • Understand and value the major doctrines of the faith and their scriptural basis and think critically and integratively about theology and church history, with particular attention to one’s religious heritage.
  • Actively pursue and progress in the life-long process of being transformed into the image of Christ by the work of the Holy Spirit and participation in the New Covenant life in Christ. The student will cooperate in this formative work by nurturing a relationship with God, connecting in a Christian community, growing in moral integrity, and engaging in vocational service in light of giftedness.
  • Commit to, engage in and equip others for the disciple-making process of evangelism, edification, counseling, and leadership development.
  • Plan and implement transformational biblical teaching grounded in sound educational practice and supported by relevant teaching/learning theory and comprehensive human and spiritual development understandings.
  • Value the role of social science research to inform ministry practice and develop skills to locate and analyze research that can then be communicated through publication and serve as a foundation for curriculum development and other educational ministry purposes.
  • Understand and value the administrative and leadership dimensions of ministry and develop skill in designing, implementing, and assessing educational ministry.
  • Gain a broad understanding of and appreciation for the history of educational ministry and the theological and philosophical underpinnings that have influenced its theory and practice and evaluate current educational practice in light of these understandings.
  • Gain knowledge, appreciate new perspectives, and develop skills for interpersonal and small group work with people of differing ethnic and cultural backgrounds, genders, ages, generations, and worldviews.
  • Engage in a supervised educational ministry experience leading to growth in personal maturity and character, skill in ministry leadership, and the understanding necessary to integrate and apply ministry theory.

Program Requirements

The academic program leading to the Master of Arts degree in Christian Education (M.A.C.E.) is structured to include (1) biblical and theological foundations; (2) a core curriculum consisting of foundational courses and practical skills; (3) a vocational specialization.

The M.A.C.E. is designed for those with two or more years of full-time ministry experience. Those students admitted with less than this should plan on taking their practicum courses near the beginning of their program to provide them with some degree of ministry experience.

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