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Program Description

In an increasingly globalized and competitive world, where the present and future of business lies in foreign markets, the Executive Master in International Business (EMIB) gives a solution to the growing demand for professional expertise in international business and foreign trade.

The Executive Master in International Business (EMIB) is a program comprising 18 management and leadership courses. These will equip you with the skills needed for the many strategic areas of a company trading in international markets.

Are you ready for the challenge?

We will train you as a professional, providing you with the best tools for business analysis. In a practical way, learn all the skills required for the management and administration of an internationally-oriented company.

Acquire management skills and techniques necessary for communication, management, and negotiation in a global setting.

  • Work through challenges in the latest international management trends, adopting the role of executive decision-maker in real business scenarios.
  • Train and develop all the skills required to lead a business in a multicultural environment, utilizing exercises and situations where participants experience the challenge of working in a global context, alongside different cultures.
  • Exchange experiences with participants from around the world, always with the expert help of top-level teachers in various disciplines, sharing knowledge and experience through practical, educational and interactive educational media.


9 core courses

  • Strategy
  • Cross-cultural Management
  • Marketing in a Globalised World
  • International Business Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • HRM in International Organisations
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • International Project Management
  • Negotiation

5 specialized courses

to choose from the list below:

  • Managerial Economics
  • Innovation
  • Operations Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • Financial Management
  • Big Data & Business Analytics

Admission Criteria

  • Bachelor/Master degree and
  • 2 years of professional experience related to the program

Documents to be included

  • Copy of the Bachelor/Master diploma
  • One reference letter
  • Letter of motivation
  • Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of identity card/passport
  • A photo in jpg format

Important: Students who are required to authenticate their documents may begin the course prior to obtaining the authenticated documentation and must present the appropriate documents in the first year.

Success Stories


Roberto Castañeda

Senior Manager, Global Customer Operations, EXPEDIA Group

El Salvador

This program is all about a very hands-on type of learning and something you can apply directly to your job”

“I choose this program because of the strength of the curricula, the flexibility and because of the amount of applicability. This program is all about the hands-on type of learning and something you can apply directly to your job. That was the key decision-maker for me when I selected this Programme.

In spite of being an online program, the level of interaction is very high and the level of feedback is extremely customized and personalized. What I really love is the fact that you get plenty of feedback about each assignment and that allows you also to see the applicability of what you do into your day to day job. Not only you learn a lot from the professors but you also learn a lot from the participation, from the different classmates, all of the different debates and the calls for participation that the professors do.

I can definitely say that I am becoming a more rounded professional due to all of the knowledge that I am acquiring in the courses.”


Riccardo Mariani

Project Manager
Fondazione Italia Uganda Onlus


I will recommend the EMIB program to people who are ambitious and want to improve their professional situation”

“One of the added value of this Programme is the fact that I was able to put into practice what I was learning almost immediately. That gave me a huge professional boost. Another added value is the multinationality and the multiculturalism of EMIB. There are a lot of people from different countries and that helps a lot in getting different perspectives and ways of doing things. Also, the personal experience of other participants and having the chance to create a closer relationship with the professors is an important value of EMIB.”


Eric Kouessi Sossou

Head, Corporate Banking Department, BAIC

Republic of Benin / West Africa

This program has changed my life, changed my way of seeing things.. I see big now”

“The quality of EMIB Faculty is unbeatable: all of them are very experienced professionals and experts in diverse areas. Being a part of EMIB has influenced a lot my daily work. I’ve gained a lot of new knowledge and tools in terms of Management, Finance, Strategy, Business planning, and many other aspects. My way of thinking has also changed: I am now a critical thinker, who has a new way of planning my activities and seeing things in a more strategical way. I see big now!”


Margaux Chauve

Communication Africa Advisor


I choose the EMIB program because I wanted to make sure I can focus on my career and work, keeping all the flexibility with high-quality studies”

“Since I started the programme I definitely feel I am evolving because I can widen all of the projects I am currently doing. I can go in-depth into issues and have better and adapted conversations with different fields.

The level of a professorship at ESCP Europe is very high. Not only we do have to work a lot with the quizzes, handing papers, but the professors are very available for us by email or calls and they also enjoy sending us newspapers to give the extra mile for us to better understand our courses.”


Jia Wu

Deputy Head of E-Commerce
ECOVACS Robotics, Germany


Nowadays people need cross-cultural, multicultural experiences and I do really think that the real good asset of this kind of program are to meet so many people from the whole world”

“Nowadays people more and more need cross-cultural and multi-cultural experiences. One of the assets of this Programme is also meeting a lot of interesting people from all over the world. In the EMIB you get to learn from all of them in terms of culture and business, and in terms of exchanging good practices and helping each other. Studying EMIB I have met a lot of interesting people who helped me to broaden my scope.”

Last updated Sep 2019

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Established in 1819, ESCP Europe is the oldest business school in the world. Its mission is to develop the next generation of transnational business leaders, preparing them to embrace the opportunitie ... Read More

Established in 1819, ESCP Europe is the oldest business school in the world. Its mission is to develop the next generation of transnational business leaders, preparing them to embrace the opportunities offered by cultural diversity. Read less
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