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October 2018


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Bac +3 / 5 or 3 years of professional experience in the sector


The Executive Master in Event Organization, Protocol & Business Tourism (MICE) aims to train professionals and executives capable of leading business projects focused on the planning and management of different types of events ( Meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, conventions, trade shows ...).

The training is also focused on mastering the concepts of protocol strategies, communication and public relations. Through this specialized program, students build their capacity to support the development of tourism through the business tourism branch.

Key words: specialization and development

The Executive Master Program in Organization of Events, Protocol & Business Tourism (MICE) was developed in collaboration with the operational and institutional actors of the sector in order to provide a response to the issues related to development and growth on the one hand, and the needs of the labor market, on the other.


The Executive Master in Organization of Events, Protocol & Business Tourism (MICE) aims to specialize you to make you an expert in event management and business tourism.

At the end of your career, you will be managers with the following skills, abilities and values:

  • Knowledge of the MICE industry (Meeting, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions): Through an international perspective and a direct approach to the job, you will acquire a solid base of knowledge of the MICE industry, in terms of policies, procedures, practices and experiences

  • Global vision: through its doubly international and entrepreneurial scope, this Executive Master aims to train managers able to effectively manage projects related to the theme of the latter

  • Strategic Plan Development: Provide students with key tools for the development and operational application of national and international strategic plans within the MICE industry

  • Innovation and sustainable management: thanks to a training that is both global and specialized, you will be able to develop both your creativity and innovation, but also a sustainable management approach to the sector.

  • Managerial and personal skills: while maintaining its international orientation, this program will allow you to acquire the skills necessary to manage optimally, a team in a participative, serene and favorable

Benefits of the program

Ostelea Rabat designed its training program taking into account the reality and the needs of the pan-African market in particular, and internationally in a global way.

That's not all ! Ostelea Rabat also relied on the Group's expertise in training to develop a program that is faithful to the school's promise: training that is largely oriented towards the reality of the sector from a practical point of view.

Thus, choosing the Executive Master in Event Organization, Protocol & Business Tourism will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Learn how to manage your "personal brand": through learning job search techniques on the one hand, and mastering personal marketing or "personal branding" on the other hand, you will develop the skills necessary for management your own image in order to detect professional opportunities in Morocco and internationally

  • Organize events within the school: students will have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired, through the organization of school events, including the protocol aspects.

  • Stress Management Techniques: Essential for any event organizer, this program includes learning sessions on stress management techniques focused on emotional balance and team management.

  • Analysis of case studies carried out by former students: among the few specialized programs in Morocco that incorporate real case studies, the Executive Master MICE allows you to study real cases of events organized by students of Ostelea Barcelona, ​​including "The Day of Free" in Barcelona or the analysis of practical internships in Portaventura World, the most visited Spanish leisure complex in Spain and 3rd in Europe, on a surface of 126 hectares receiving each year more than 4 million visitors.

  • Extensive program of visits to fairs and thematic events: During their course, students will participate in fairs, congresses, exhibitions and thematic conferences of international renown.

  • Development of soft skills: Students will benefit from a coaching and skills development cycle related to the effective management and coaching of teams.

  • Networking, thanks to the Cycles of meeting with directors of hotels and companies specialized in the restoration and international consultants of the sector. Students will be able to form their own network of professional relations

  • Strategic partnerships developed with industry players: academic, institutional and corporate

  • Learning by doing: thanks to the "Learning by doing" methodology, students concretize their learning through compulsory internships that will promote their professional integration.

Training content

The Executive Master Program in Event Organization, Protocol & Business Tourism is as follows:

  • Structure and financing of the international tourism sector

  • International Talent & Innovation Management

  • Management of companies specializing in business tourism and event organization, in a global environment

  • International marketing, event protocol and business tourism

  • Mandatory internship

  • Memory graduation

The process of learning the various subjects will be concluded and will be synthesized by a final work that will consist in the development of an entrepreneurial project of organization of events and business tourism to allow to put in practice the application of the teaching received and the experience gained during the training. The work will be done in groups of maximum three persons and under the supervision of a tutor specialized in the field that the group will have chosen.

Career opportunities

The Executive Master's degree in Event Organization, Protocol & Business Tourism (MICE) gives you access to the following positions and institutions:

  • Organization of cultural events commissioned by private or public companies.

  • Companies that use sponsorship or sponsorship as a means of communication and require qualified professionals to manage the organization of events, able to design profitable projects from the point of view of visibility and return on investment.

  • State, regional or municipal public institutions in charge of setting up cultural and artistic policies through the design, planning and management of events related to these areas.

  • Companies dedicated to the organization of fairs and other promotional events in the field of public relations.

  • Hotel establishments dedicated to hosting events such as congresses and conferences.

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